Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!  The much anticipated kid favorite holiday was a great success this year.  We had our annual church trunk-or-treat soup pot luck on Saturday night, and then we indulged in a little more candy tonight and went trick-or-treating to about ten houses near us, mostly neighbors we knew personally.

Maren knew two months ago she wanted to be a princess, either wearing pink or purple.  Rapunzel (from the movie Tangled) was the perfect fit: purple sparkly dress, long blonde hair, free spirit.  She was darling!  Ezra had a more difficult time deciding, but ultimately chose the lesser known Robin after reading a few Batman-Robin comic books from the library.  Something about this more gentle, loyal sidekick appealed to Ezra, and luckily we found a costume because he would be Robin and no one else.

I really enjoy dressing up for Halloween; it's a great excuse to be silly/creative and act like a kid again.  My pregnancy and growing belly gave me an opportunity to try something unique.  The internet had a few ideas, but Halloween or not, many of them were kind of grotesque; bloody plastic baby limbs and head protruding from a shirt is not my idea of cute.  After a little research, I decided to go as a prize winning pumpkin, and Dallin,who likes dressing up, but likes to keep it simple, went as the proud pumpkin-growing farmer.  A quick visit to Hobby Lobby and in one-hour of create time I painted a pumpkin face with puffy paint on a plain orange shirt, made a blue ribbon from blue cardstock, and used some stiff felt and pipe cleaners glued to a headband for the pumpkin hat.  Costume was created for about $11!


Jane said...

I think I'm going to have to dig deep and find some creativity. Cheetah can only be a gangsta' so many times before it isn't cute anymore.