Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Fun: Witch Scavenger Hunt

At the end of September we drove to Utah for a long General Conference weekend trip.  One of the highlights was family time/cousin time.  Aunt Sarah recommended an afternoon excursion to a darling little eclectic shopping district dressed up for the Halloween season.  We went in search of 25 hidden larger-than-life witches scattered around, above, and between all the shops.  Sarah and her kids, Aunt Molly, Grandma, and our family had a lovely afternoon together on the lookout for witches.  Each child earned a cookie from a bakery in the village for completing the scavenger hunt.  Fun times!

Maren (3 yrs.), Judd (2.5 yrs), Camryn (5.5. yrs), Ezra (5 yrs)
We love Aunt Molly! (one of the witches on top the pumpkin)
Aunt Sarah and our newest cousin, Lena, with Judd & Camryn
Five under five!  I love this picture; what a lucky grandma!
Our group (plus Dallin--photographer), wandering through the village


Jane said...

Such a cute idea! And a fun family outing.