Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Baby # 3

Here is our cutie boy in his first photo, all relaxed and cozy.  Our new baby boy is due to arrive in early February 2017.  He is making his presence known with lots of kicks and wiggles, enough now that Maren and Ezra can feel him.  Both kids are at least slightly aware of what is about to happen because several friends and family members have recently been pregnant and now have newborns or young babies.  Maren has told me she intends to "help the baby learn to pee, help him put on his underwear, wash him in the bath, and hold him softly," among other things.

After making the birthday posts on Ezra and Maren, and processing their many strengths and differences, it is fascinating for me to consider how our next baby will be alike, and also altogether different than the other two.  What a miracle this new little person is; I am so thrilled to meet him!    


Jane said...

And he's cooperative enough for a great profile picture!
Good job baby.