Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Fun: Estes Park & Nederland

Fall is so beautiful in the mountains!  Earlier this month we took a drive up the canyon, enjoying the local visual delights of the season.  Our first stop, Estes Park, is home to a hearty population of elk that are somewhat accustomed to human visitors.  In a large central park, we carefully observed them--at close range!  Obviously, a male elk hierarchy exists in the herd.  We were entertained watching a large dominant male elk repeatedly drive off all other potential male suitors from his female group.

Panorama of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park beyond.

Next, we followed the Peak to Peak highway south to Nederland where we strolled through town, followed the Boulder Creek to a park, and then played on the "beach" of a reservoir.  The kids were immensely happy to be outdoors, free to frolic in natural mountain spaces.  I love that they are so easily entertained.  Ezra found a small sandbar and claimed it as his and Maren's personal island.  They used drift wood to build structures for their "town", and collected interesting pebbles for fences.  Barefoot in the mountains, playing in water--they couldn't have been happier.



Jane said...

I am sure we have cool things near us too, but I never think of it when we have time in which to go.
Congratulations on the proximity and the timing!