Saturday, May 20, 2017

On the Front Lines

The week leading up to Mother's Day was one of my worst in a long time.  I am not sure the reasons, I only know that everyone--most of all me--was thoroughly frustrated, battle-worn, and discontented, to put it nicely.  By the Friday night prior to Mother's Day I was feeling like a complete and utter failure on every possible level.  

Saturday morning after some soul-searching, I proposed a temple trip.  So, we pulled ourselves together, and all drove up.  Dallin let me go into the temple first.  I had a few of his family names ready for their initiatory ordinances.  I had to wait a bit, but it gave me time to soak up some of the peace of the Lord's House.  Somehow, in the miracle of temple service, I left feeling like a layer of worldly sludge had been lifted.  There was no miraculous transformation, but a subtle lightening, and refreshing that gave me hope for future positive mothering.

In fact, my heart was softened and humbled enough that I actually wanted to go to the Mother's Day sacrament meeting.  Thankfully, the speakers were sensitive in their approach.  I was struck by a particular comment a father of five made.  He reminded the congregation of the relationship that Eve and Lucifer had in the Garden of Eden, namely one of enmity.  And then remarked, that mothers often feel the brunt of Satan's attacks because he is so wholly engaged at thwarting their work.  I took comfort in that comment.  Nasty week = warfare with the adversary.  He hopes for my failure, but the temple arms me with power to fight back.  And I do feel better armed for having been in the temple.  The temple saved my Mother's Day.

Sunday afternoon we joined John and Roslyn for a Mother's Day dinner at their house.  I requested a few family pictures to remember the day.


Anonymous said...

Sing along .... "we are a happy family 😄"