Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ezra: What's New?

Ezra finished his first soccer season earlier this month.  In the end, he was still one of the more timid, less-confident players, but I am so glad he had the experience.  He learned to follow a coach's instruction, have fun with other boys his age, be responsible for his uniform and gear, and try something completely outside his comfort zone.  We encouraged him to try and touch the ball at least a few times a game, and he tried.  Soccer starts again in the fall; his coach invited him to come back in September and request to be on the same team.  We will see how Ezra feels about playing another season.

His soccer team "the Force" at their last game 

Ezra was super excited about earning a medal.

The other big event of this month was preschool graduation.  Graduation was Thursday, May 18, and it was actually snowing on that day--in fact it was near white-out conditions on the drive home.  We were supposed to meet at a park and have a picnic lunch, but weather moved us to a local recreation center gym.  Ezra absolutely adored his teachers, Ms. Danielle and Ms. Ashley, and developed friendships with most every member of his class.  This was such a big year for him!  I saw him grow up, increase confidence, continue to love learning, and wow his teachers again and again.  Preschool was a very happy place for him.  The early learning program was filled with engaging activities, lots of creativity, tons of projects, extra-curricular opportunities, and tons of support.  I was so pleased with what I saw, and look forward to giving Maren and Jonathan the same preschool experience.

Ms. Danielle, Ezra, and Ms. Ashley on graduation day.

And, finally, when I was sifting through the stacks of Ezra drawings today, I found this gem.  He sits down almost daily and creates.  I certainly applaud his artistic interest, but I make no comment or requirement on his work; his art is purely motivated by what he wants to do.  His creativity is impressive, his drawing ability is impressive, and his love for Bear is impressive.

Bear wearing an "I love Ezra" t-shirt!


Anonymous said...

Happy, healthy and growing straight and true. Good job Mom & Dad.