Friday, March 24, 2017

Three Kids

Jonathan is a little more than six weeks old, and has started to smile at every happy face who comes into his view.  Ezra and Maren are adjusting, and for the most part, handling the change with grace.  Aside from preschool, soccer, and some very quick shopping trips, or short library visits, we stay close to home, and keep things very simple.  And, though we have had some rough days, for the most part, we maintain our delicate balance.  In a nutshell, that is our life right now.

Jonathan smiled for the first time at one month, and it seemed to be a great healing balm for some of the older sibling angst/jealousy.  Baby has a great defensive strategy: smile!  He is incredibly charming when armed with a huge grin.  Jonathan smiles especially keenly for Ezra, which, of course, is incredibly gratifying for big brother.  Maren is less engaged with the baby, and seems mostly disinterested, but she warms up when he breaks into a smile too.  

Last week, two neighbor boys rode their bikes over when Ezra and Maren were playing in the front yard.  I was pleased to hear my kids immediately share this news with the boys: "We have a new baby.  He is really cute.  Do you want to see him?"  The older boy, about 5, was interested.  They all paraded into the kitchen where he was dozing in a baby chair.  "Oh, he is so cute!," the boy exclaimed, "Can I pet him really gentle?"  Ezra and Maren proudly stood by.  "He is our baby, but you can touch him."

It is quite a marvel to see Jonathan changing from newborn so quickly.  At about one month, he turned a corner, and seemed to take a small, though significant step forward in his development.  In addition to smiling, he started turning his head to follow people and sounds, and began to differentiate his crying.  When he needs to complain, he will hang out a big pout lip, and whimper like a sad puppy, as if to say, "Oh mom, I'm so lonely, hold me please!"  I have figured out his tired cry, and know when it is time to find his softest blanket, swaddle him up with his pacifier, and rock.  He has also started to experiment with his voice, and makes funny high-pitched squeals and squeaks as he attempts to communicate with us.  And, not surprisingly, Jonathan is incredibly observant; a wide-eyed on-looker, soaking up all the sensory inputs of his world.  Consequently, he often fights sleep, gets overstimulated and overtired, and needs a warm bath (he loves the bath!), a lotion massage, and a good blanket swaddle to settle.

Three kids is indeed a challenge, and a lot gets left undone, but what a blessing to have another little sweetheart in our family!



Jane said...

I am in awe of you. I am not entirely sure how things are going to work out when Cheetah's brother gets here in the fall.