Friday, March 24, 2017

Ezra: Practice makes Perfect

Ezra is five years old and is experiencing and growing in a number of ways.

He and daddy have been trying violin lessons for the past few months.  He has a borrowed mini violin and bow in a tiny case.  Lessons usually last 5 minutes or less and involve essentially the same few notes in the same little "Twinkle, Twinkle" tune.  Ezra seems interested, but progress is slow.  I took the opportunity to try the violin and there is a lot to think about!  Chin position, hand position, bow position, fingers in the right place (press hard!); I can see how it might be overwhelming and slow-going.  Ezra tends to get discouraged easily, but I am hopeful that he will start to see his progress.  I am impressed with his efforts!

Ezra can ride a big boy bike--no training wheels!  He started his bike experience as a toddler with the popular "balance bike", and has happily ridden it everywhere for the past two years.  We were gifted a friend's old bike, which Ezra finally wanted to try out a few weeks before baby was born.  He and I practiced on several occasions, but he seemed defeated by fear of falling.  A few days after baby was born Ezra and daddy went out to give it another try.  And, to my surprise, he got it in just about an hour of practice!  Amazingly, he made the leap from balance bike to big bike without a single fall.  Here is a little video of the day he learned.  I am so proud of him!

Ezra is also trying spring soccer, and is on the learning curve there too.  Poor kid, he is so sports clueless.  Apparently we have not given Ezra much of a sports education.  

Mom: "Ezra, I signed you up for soccer.  You will be on your friend Teagan's team."
Ezra: "Ok, mom.  Do I need a helmet?"
Mom: "No, you wear a helmet to play football."
Ezra:  "Will I use one of those club things to hit the ball?"
Mom: "No, that is for baseball."

Ezra is trying to be a good sport with soccer, but it is obvious that even at five years old, many of his teammates have already played a year or two.  He is sort of obsessed with winning, and was pretty depressed when his team lost their first game.  But, he seemed to enjoy the physical activity, the comradery with other boys, and the idea of being a great soccer player.  He has an hour practice every Thursday night, and a game every Saturday afternoon for the next eight weeks.  Hopefully with practice it will be a positive first experience.       


Jane said...

Congratulations Ezra! What an accomplishment. And violin too!
(I'm also amused by Daddy running alongside. Such devotion)
Sports can get really competitive really fast and we're a little apprehensive about it as Cheetah gets older.