Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ezra loves creativity

Tonight we had a little free time after dinner and Ezra created this darling family portrait.  We are at church--notice the brown steeple on top.  Dad is sporting a fantastically huge bow tie, Maren is pretty in all pink, and I have the coolest head adornment and "tip-toe" shoes you ever did see.  Dad is also carrying the keys, the church bag, and Jonathan, which is what usually happens; Ezra is so aware of details!

Ezra has been invited to a Friday art club that starts tomorrow.  His kindergarten teacher will keep interested students for one extra hour after the normal dismissal time for stories, music, and art; an hour of fostering and encouraging creativity!  I am so thrilled that she is committed to that kind of learning.  Ezra loves art, loves books, and has a great ear for good music, so I am excited to see what comes from his special class.